Own Nothing | Thich Minh Tue Monk | Documentary Film About Buddhist Ascetics | Phụ Đề Tiếng Việt

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Own Nothing | Thich Minh Tue Monk | Documentary Film About Buddhist Ascetics | Phụ Đề Tiếng Việt
Thich Minh Tue Monk 
Documentary film about Buddhist ascetics
By Ha Van Long


Discover a profound journey into the essence of simplicity and spiritual fulfillment in "Own Nothing". This captivating film delves into the lives and teachings of monks who have chosen to relinquish material possessions in pursuit of inner peace and enlightenment.

Follow the monk of Thich Minh Tue as they navigate a path of minimalism and mindfulness, embracing the philosophy that true happiness is not found in owning more, but in needing less. Through stunning cinematography and intimate interviews, "Own Nothing" explores the principles of detachment, community living, and the deep sense of freedom that comes from letting go.

Thích Minh Tuệ is a renowned Buddhist monk in Vietnam known for his extraordinary journey of walking from the North to the South of Vietnam over a span of 6 years. Throughout this journey, he traveled through various regions of Vietnam with the purpose of spreading the Dharma, fostering connections, and conveying the message of compassion and love of Buddhism to the people.

Thích Minh Tuệ's pilgrimage was not only a test of physical endurance and willpower but also an opportunity for him to directly interact with people from different walks of life, listen to their struggles and concerns, and offer advice, comfort, and encouragement through Buddhist teachings. This helped people find peace and faith in their lives.

His journey left a profound impression and spread widely among Buddhist communities as well as in society. Thích Minh Tuệ has become a symbol of perseverance, compassion, and tireless dedication to the mission of spreading the Dharma.

🎬 Filmed by Ha Van Long 🌟 Featuring: Thich Minh Tue Monks 🏠 Produced by Conikal LLC


I am an independent software developer in Thanh Hoa. Due to work-related stress, I turned to Buddhist teachings as a solution to help alleviate my troubles. However, after many years of studying, I still haven't fully understood the teachings of Buddhism.

One day, while browsing TikTok, I came across a clip about Master Minh Tue and learned that he was coming to Thanh Hoa. I immediately took my motorbike and traveled 150km to Quang Xuong to meet him, with the aim of discussing and verifying what I had learned. Conveniently, I brought along a camera that I hadn't used for many years to document the journey.

For some compelling reason, I decided to follow Master Minh Tue for a longer period and filmed more of our conversations and the events that occurred on the road in Thanh Hoa, Ninh Binh, Nam Dinh, and Thai Nguyen. Eventually, when we reached Bac Kan, I saw that many people were already accompanying him, and the group had grown larger, so I returned home.

Upon returning, I saved 50GB of footage on my hard drive and didn't touch it again. I continued to follow Master Minh Tue regularly and did not expect him to become so famous. When he went missing in Hue, many people commented that someone should make a documentary about him, so I put aside my work and started editing the film.

These documentaries are edited authentically according to the timeline, without any arrangement or scripting, including no added music or sound editing, to ensure the integrity of the events.

Conikal is essentially a software company, not a film production company. Everything I have mentioned here is a true story, and all events followed the course of fate.

Sincerely, thank you!

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