The Mirror of Zen - The Classic Guide to Buddhist Practice by Zen Master So Sahn

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The Mirror of Zen - The Classic Guide to Buddhist Practice by Zen Master So Sahn
The Classic Guide to Buddhist Practice by Zen 
Master So Sahn
Translated from the Chinese by Boep Joeng
Translated from the Korean by Hyon Gak
Boston & London 2012
The Mirror of Zen
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The sacred radiance of our original nature never darkens. It has shined forth since beginningless time. Do you wish to enter the gate that leads to this? Simply do not give rise to conceptual thinking. Zen Master So Sahn (1520–1604) is a towering figure in the history of Korean Zen. In this treasure-text, he presents in simple yet beautiful language the core principles and teachings of Zen. Each section opens with a quotation—drawn from classical scriptures, teachings, and anecdotes—followed by the author’s commentary and verse. Originally written in Chinese, the text was translated into Korean in the mid-twentieth century by the celebrated Korean monk Boep Joeng. An American Zen monk, Hyon Gak, has translated it into English. BOEP JOENG is a Korean Zen monk, a writer, and a translator of Buddhist texts. In his native Korea, he has written widely about meditation, social justice, environmentalism, and nonmaterialism

Preface to the English Edition
Preface to the Korean Edition
The Mirror of Zen
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