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 List of Abbreviations


AAA, anti-aircraft artillery

ABN, airborne

AC&W, aircraft control and warning

ACSI, Assistant Chief of Staff (Intelligence)

addee, addressee

Admino, series indicator for administrative telegrams from CINCPAC

AF, Air Force

AFCIN, Air Force Chief of Intelligence

AFRS, Armed Forces Radio Service

AID, Agency for International Development

Aidto, series indicator for telegrams from the Agency for International Development to its missions abroad

Amb, Ambassador

ammo, ammunition

AP, Associated Press

APC, armored personnel carrier

ARPAC, U.S. Army, Pacific

ARVN, Army of the Republic of Vietnam

BG, Brigadier General

bn, battalion

CAS, Controlled American Source

CG, Civil Guard

ChiCom, Chinese Communists ChiNat Chinese Nationalist

CHMAAG, Chief, Military Assistance Advisory Group

CI, counterinsurgency; commercial imports

CIA, Central Intelligence Agency

CIB, Combined Intelligence Board

CIDG, Citizen’s Irregular Defense Group

CINCPAC, Commander in Chief, Pacific

CINCPACAF, Commander in Chief, Pacific Air Force

CINCPACFLT, Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet

CINCUSAPAC, Commander in Chief, United States Army, Pacific

CIP, Commercial Import Program CM. Chairman’s Memorandum

Cmdr, Commander

CNO, Chief of Naval Operations

CO, Commanding Officer

COMUSARPAC, Commander, United States Army, Pacific

COMUSMACV, Commander, U.S. Military Advisory Command, Vietnam

CONUS, continental United States

COPROR, Committee on Province Rehabilitation

CPSVN, Comprehensive Plan for South Vietnam

CSA, Chief of Staff, Army

CSAF, Chief of Staff, Air Force

CSCC, Coastal Surveillance Command Center

CT, Country Team

CVN, Central Vietnam

CVTC, Confederation of Vietnamese Trade Congresses

CY, calendar year

DA, Department of the Army; Defense Attaché; defense assistance

DAC, Development Assistance Committee, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

DCFBA, Director General of Budget and Foreign Aid

DCI, Director of Central Intelligence

DCM, Deputy Chief of Mission

Deptel, Department of State telegram

desp, despatch

DGI, Director General of Information

DIA, Defense Intelligence Agency

dissem, dissemination

DLF, Defense Loan Fund

DMZ, demilitarized zone

DOD, Department of Defense

DOD/PRO, Public Relations Office, Department of Defense

DRV, Democratic Republic of Vietnam

DTG, date-time-group

E & E, emergency and evacuation

ECCO, Eastern Construction Company

Embtel, Embassy telegram

FAR, Forces Armees Royales (Royal Armed Forces, Laos)

FBIS, Foreign Broadcast Information Service

FE, Far East; Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs, Department of State

FOS, follow-on spares

FRC, Federal Records Center

FSO, Foreign Service officer

FY, fiscal year

FYI, for your information

G, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

GAO, General Accounting Office

G/PM, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Politico-Military Affairs

GVN, Government of Vietnam

helo, helicopter

HQS, headquarters

HSAS, Headquarters, Support Activity, Saigon

IAF, Far East Branch, United States Information Agency

ICA, International Cooperation Administration

ICC, International Control Commission

ICSH, International Committee on Strategic Hamlets

ILO, International Labor Organization

INR, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Department of State

IOP, Office of Policy and Research, United States Information Agency

ISA, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs

JAOC, Joint Air Operation Center

JCS, Joint Chiefs of Staff

JGS, Joint General Staff

JOC, Joint Operations Center

KIA, killed in action

LAS, Long-Range Assistance Strategy

LOC, lines of communication

MA, military assistance

MAAG, Military Assistance Advisory Group

MACV, Military Assistance Command, Vietnam

MAP, Military Assistance Program

MEC, Military Executive Committee

MRC, Military Revolutionary Council

MSP, Mutual Security Program

NACO, National Agricultural Credit Office

NBC, National Broadcasting Company

NCO, non-commissioned officer

NCP, National Campaign Plan

NEA, Near East and Africa; Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, Department of State

NFLSVN, National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam

Niact, night action

NIE, National Intelligence Estimate

NLHX, Neo Lao Hak Xat

NOA, new obligational authority

Noforn, no foreign dissemination

NRM, National Revolutionary Movement

NSA, National Security Agency

NSAM, National Security Action Memorandum

NSC, National Security Council

NVN, North Vietnam

OASD, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense

OCI, Office of Current Intelligence

ODMA, Office of the Director for Military Assistance

OPCON, operational control

OPNL, operational

OPSUM, Operations Summary

P, piaster; Bureau of Public Affairs, Department of State

PACAF, Pacific Air Force

PACFLT, Pacific Fleet

PACOM, Pacific Command

PAO, Public Affairs Officer

PCHT, packing, crating, handling, and transportation

PIC, person in command

PIO, Public Information Officer

PIOPS, public information operations

PL, Pathet Lao; Public Law

plt, platoon

PNG, persona non grata

POL, petroleum, oil, and lubricants

POLAD, Political Adviser

POW, prisoner of war

psywar, psychological warfare

psyops, psychological operations

PTT, post, telephone, telegraph

reftel, reference telegram

RG, Record Group

rgt, regiment

RKG, Royal Khmer Government

RLG, Royal Lao Government

RVN, Republic of Vietnam

RVNAF, Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces

S, Office of the Secretary of State

SACSA, Special Assistant for Counterinsurgency and Special Activities, Joint Chiefs of Staff SDC, Self Defense Corps

SEA, Southeast Asia; Office of Southeast Asian Affairs, Department of State

SEATO, Southeast Asia Treaty Organization

SecDef, Secretary of Defense

Secto, series indicator for telegrams from the Secretary of State or his party to the Department of State

Secy, Secretary

SEPES, Service des Etudes Politiques et Sociales (Political and Social Studies Service)

septel, separate telegram

SFHCVN, Special Forces, High Command, Vietnam

SH, Strategic Hamlet

sitrep, situation report

SOA, Office of South Asian Affairs, Department of State

S/P, Policy Planning Staff, Department of State

sqdn, squadron

S/S, Executive Secretariat, Department of State

Stat., United States Statutes at Large

SVN, South Vietnam

TF/Saigon, Task Force in Saigon

TF/SEA, Task Force on Southeast Asia

TF/VN, Task Force on Vietnam

TIAS, Treaties and Other International Agreements Series

Toaid, series indicator for telegrams to the Agency for International Development from its missions abroad

TOC, Tactical Operations Center Tousi series indicator for telegrams to the United States Information Agency from its missions abroad

UN, United Nations

UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNTS, United Nations Treaty Series

UPI, United Press International

USAF, United States Air Force

USASGV, United States Army Support Group, Vietnam

USC, United States Code

USIA, United States Information Agency

USIB, United States Intelligence Board

USIS, United States Information Service

Usito, series indicator for telegrams from the United States Information Agency to its missions abroad

USMACV, United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam

USMC, United States Marine Corps

USOM, United States Operations Mission

USSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

UST, United States Treaties

VC, Viet Cong

VM, Viet Minh

VN, Vietnam

VNAF, Vietnamese Armed Forces; Vietnamese Air Force

VNMC, Vietnamese Marine Corps

VNN, Vietnam Navy

VNQDD, Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang (National Party of Vietnam)

VNSF, Vietnamese Special Forces

VNSFHC, Vietnamese Special Forces High Command

VOA, Voice of America

WG/VN, Working Group on Vietnam

WSM, Women’s Solidarity Movement

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